Vandalism Detection

Vandalism Detection helps protect the community from anti-social activities by analyzing CCTV images with advanced AI algorithms to check for theft, vandalism. So, the nearby authorities are alerted instantaneously.

Live Target Tracking

Our AI identifies specific persons or vehicles by tracking through multiple cameras. It also features contextual detection and object classification. Searching past footages for more intuitive information. Our system is sharp enough to monitor and analyze multiple video footages simultaneously which increases the agility.

Security Robots

Humans can guard a building effectively but guarding an entire city is not a sustainable idea. Hence, with the advent of technology we can now employ AI agents to simultaneously monitor large areas of interests and see to that a specific set of rules are followed. Security robots can be employed to guard the cities of the future.

Situation Alert

Situations arise everywhere and everytime but catching them at the right moment requires a lot of resources which when done manually aren’t that reliable, hence when Security Robots are deployed they can monitor situations that arise at different locations based on their Cognitive abilities to help safeguard areas.

Rapid Response Assistance

When emergencies arise, it is more important to suppress the same at the earliest possible. Today even though live feeds of locations are quickly accessible, humans scanning through 1000s of feeds is not a good idea. The abundance of data can now be crunched through AI to yield a response in a fraction of the previously possible time.

People Intelligence

Today many areas are very crowded and with cities coming up everyday it keeps getting harder to employ proper surveillance measures to safeguard people and to track their safety. iYantras can help you employ AI-powered people intelligence solutions to help manage large cities with lots of people and continuously monitor.