About Us
iYantras is a global Artificial Intelligence and Robotics consulting and services firm empowered by design thinking

Mr. Navnit J Krishna Principal Managing Partner and CEO Alumni of MIT Sloan USA, IIM Indore
Mr. Sabarigiri Partner - Smart Retail Experience
Mr. Shyam Sekar Partner - Growth Strategy
Dr. Amen Dhyllon Partner - Smarter Cities
Mr. Ramakrishnan Mohan Partner - Performance Management
Mr. P K Viswanathan Senior Manager - Projects
Mr. Naveen Kumar Lead AI Consultant - Computer Vision
Mr. Raghu Varman Lead Consultant - Cognitive Digital Agents
Mr. Sachin Vasudevan Lead Consultant - Creative Design
Mr. PranavChendur T K Technology Partner
Mr. Rohith Balaji Technology Partner