Cross-Platform Cognition

Biometric features of human body can be leveraged to provide two factor authentication, face recognition technology measures and matches the unique characteristics for the purposes of identification hence improving security. This authorization eliminates the need to type the log-in credentials and makes the authentication easier and faster.

Contextual Understanding

In public facilities, such as museums, security cameras can be used to monitor crowds and also to prevent theft of valuables. Futuristic AI is improving the effectiveness of video surveillance, bringing enhanced security to the public sector in many areas, include the following - Crowd control, Building/Space security, Theft prevention. We at iYantras have expert partners to help.

Chat Bots

This human never sleeps. It never needs to go to the bathroom. It doesn't eat or miss an incoming message. It works 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Every time zone, every language, talking to everyone, and anyone who speaks to it, simultaneously.
“This Human is nothing but an AI powered Chatbot”